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The Quejos Story

While travelling in South America, Frances fell in love with the wildly popular gluten and yeast-free Brazilian cheesebuns (pão de queijos) that are consumed daily.

From friends, she learned the native traditional family recipes, and coming home to Vancouver experimented with different variations, inventing her own unique version which incorporates all the best aspects of the original, and developed non-dairy variations as well.

Using manioc powder, she is able to produce a yeast, wheat, and gluten free bun having the same consistency as a hardy bread without sacrificing taste!

Over the past 12 years since the opening of our present retail store, she has developed 7 varieties of the cheese line of buns, 2 varieties of soya and non-dairy buns, 3 varieties of non-dairy and soy free buns made with coconut milk, buckwheat wrap shells, as well as thin crust pizza shells, some sweet goodies and vegan products such as perogies and pie shells. All of her products are of course deliciously gluten free and yeast free.

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