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Quesava Kitchen

While traveling in South America

Frances Wong fell in love with the wildly popular gluten and yeast-free Brazilian cheese buns (pão de queijos).
Blown away by this great idea, she brought it back to Vancouver with her.

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  • Chloe from UK

    I am totally in love with your Quejos breads! I'm Celiac and I can honestly say I've never found better bread. I'm British but living in BC for a year. I recently went back to England for 2 weeks and really noticed that we dont have anything like Quejos. Do you have any plans to export to the UK? If not please make some I've posted on the UK Celiac Facebook page saying how much I love Quejos and there is a charity called Coeliac UK who I'm sure would be interested in hearing more! Please bring Quejos to the UK I'm not sure I can live without them when I move back!
  • Toby from Vancouver

    Hi Frances, I want to thank you for the free brownie and banana loaf samples, they were excellent! Also a belated thank you for the delicious cookie samples we have enjoyed from time to time, much appreciated. Your Quejos have literally changed my life, I have some for breakfast nearly every day of the year, even when travelling (we always pack my toaster!) I use them as sandwiches several times a month, and when I am working out of town, they are breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner too. It is wonderful to have a tasty and filling food source that I can rely on, it really helps to eliminate the anxiety associated with trying to feed ones self when travelling, especially in rural areas and small towns. As you can imagine, finding gluten free and nutritious food away from the city is nearly impossible. So, keep up the good work, and may you be prosperous! Regards, Toby H.
  • Sylvia & George from Victoria

    Hi, We were at the Granville Market on Sunday morning and bought a package of your shortbread. I just had to email you and let you know how GOOD it is! Please continue making it, it is excellent. Wish we bought more! We come to Vancouver from time to time, (we live in Victoria) and always try to find time to make a trip to either your shop on Main St. or find you at the Market. Both myself and my daughter are celiacs and love your buns, banana loaf, and other things. Looking forward to our next trip over. Thanks, Sylvia and George H.